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Dealing with Casino Credit

Playing a few card games at the casino is not that damaging on your finances, but it still gets the heart pumping. Running to the ATM or automated teller machine can really be frustrating when you get low on cash. This is mostly true especially if you are the high roller. Well, it is not that difficult because you can borrow from your friend who might just be winning bets on the other table. However, it is not always the case because you might just be playing on your own at times.

One good solution is to enter a casino credit, which is also known as a marker. If you are on a trip to a casino, contact the casino prior to your visit. This is because it takes a few days before your credit can be approved as the casino would try to check your records to learn that you can be trusted. The credit office will attend to your needs and will email or fax you an application. The credit application must be filled up so that you can start gambling right away. You need not worry as this is like just signing up for a credit card application.

You can now ask the pit boss for your marker after your application has been approved. Find a table where you want to gamble and politely explain that you have a credit line established with the casino. After handing over your card and identification, the pit boss will simply do the rest. The dealer will then give you the amount you have specified to the pit boss. Once you are set, try to gamble to the content of your heart. If you are done gambling, try to settle up with your casino credit. You can also go to the casino cage and reap your profits, if you are a winner.