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Repaying Mortgage Loans

There are many types of ways of how to repay the mortgage loan. Depending on the terms and conditions set by the lender, as well as on tax and other external factors, your lender will demand you to repay your mortgage loan in any of the following methods (aside from foreclosure).

The most common repayment method known to the mortgage world is amortization or repayment mortgage. In a repayment mortgage, a periodic payment is made by the borrower to cover the capital and interest. Typically, the payment is made on a monthly basis until the mortgage amount becomes fully paid at the fixed term agreed by both the lender and the borrower.

Another popular type of repayment method is the interest-only mortgage. Implied in the term itself, this type of mortgage only asks the borrower to pay the interest. Throughout the fixed period of payment, a separate amount of money is invested to pay for the capital upon maturity. Other deals include a backup property, in case the borrower neglects to pay the capital because of unstable economic conditions.

The part repayment mortgage can also be used to repay a mortgage loan. In this scheme, the interest is paid monthly together with a part of the capital only. This is done so that the borrower can have a lower monthly payment. The remaining balance is often collected at a later point of the fixed payment term.

An odd repayment scheme that requests payment after the death of the borrower is called reverse or lifetime mortgages. This type of arrangement requires loan applicants to be on their retirement age. Over time, the amount of debt bloats because the interest is accumulated together with the capital.

The aforementioned repayment methods for a mortgage loan have their own advantages and risks. Before you deal with your lender, study which of the options best suit you, given your financial status and repayment capabilities.

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